Endorphin Productions is now offering small rental packages for filmmakers making independent films, promos, TV commercials, web, or new media projects. All equipment rentals include a professional filmmaker from our experienced team who can assist where needed on set. We do not rent out equipment unless our representative is on set.

Minimum Day Rate: $350.00 per day includes:

-Filmmaker Representative to assist

-Basic grip/lighting package

All items subject to change and availability.

*Post Production rates are based on the needs of each project.

Call us if you have any questions, we are here to help you every step of the way! We know that making a film can be a stressful experience, but we are here to provide the assistance you need!

Need more equipment than you see listed here?  Please let us know what you need .

Endorphin Productions: 310 990 4825



2 – C stands with arms

4 – Mole heavy duty stands

1 – Mathews heavy roller stand

3 – small Mathews stands

4 – Photoflex stands

3 – carrying cases

1 – adjustable background crossbar

1- camera crane with weights, tripod, and dolly

1 – Rail dolly – 6 foot  (longer on request)

1 – Platform dolly for PVC pipe track

1 – Mathews 4X4 and 8X8 overhead

1 – Wheelchair dolly

Misc. flags

Black visqueen (plastic)

Black felt

5 – reflectors

2 – reflector holders

1 – Mole reflector/foamcore reflector frame

1 – 6 foot ladder

Misc. blankets

Misc. sandbags, tape, blackwrap, rope, foamcore, seamelss paper

Misc. electrical cables – Stingers

Misc. clamps, mounts, etc.



1 – Sennheiser ME80 shotgun

1 – Rode NTG 2 shotgun

1 – Rode on camera shotgun

1 – Rode blimp with dead cat and boom pole

2 – Sony Lavalier mics

1 – Sennheiser wireless mic

1 – Zoom recorder

Misc. XLR cables, headphones



Panasonic GH5 camera w/ Zeiss 12-35 stabilized lens

Ninja 2 ProRes solid state recorder

Nikon manual lenses – 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 105mm, 135mm, 200mm, 35 to105mm macro zoom

Rokinon Cine lenses coming!  Or we can provide other lenses.

Vocas Matte box with rods & misc filters

Manual and wireless follow focus

7 inch Marshall monitor

Two Manfrotto tripods

75 & 100mm high hat




2 – Mole 1K Fresnels

4 – Lowell Prolights (250W)

2 - Stella 2000 daylight lights, battery or AC

1 -  Stella 5000 daylight light, battery or AC

2 – LED battery powered daylight lights

1 – Lowell Rifa umbrella light

Misc. Chinese lanterns with bulbs

2 – Photoflex 1k softbox lights with a variety of softboxes

2 – Photoflex small softboxes for Lowell Prolights

Misc. Gels, black-wrap



Edit system 1

MacPro 8 core 64GB RAM

LaCie 6TB Thunderbolt 2 hard drive array

Blackmagic 4K Ultra Studio Thunderbolt

2 – Eizo low glare computer monitors

1 – HP 32" 4K Dreamcolor monitor

1 – Panasonic 52” Plasma monitor

2 – Genelec studio speakers

1 – Makie 14 input audio mixer


Final Cut ProX

DaVinci Resolve 

Color Finale 


After Effects

Beauty Box

Clipwrap & VLC

SonicFire Pro 5 (Music library)


Edit system 2

iMac i7 quad core 16GB RAM

4 TB G Raid hard drive

Sony 32” monitor

Sony audio amplifier

JBL 4208 studio audio monitors


Final Cut Pro 7 and X


After Effects


Microsoft Office

Portrait Professional